Farrier Services

I have over 15 years experience in working with and shoeing horses. It is a passion of mine and I have worked on most styles of horses from Miniatures to Clydesdales and even Donkeys.
All the basic principles are the same; that a correctly trimmed or shod horse to suit the angles for the horse, will keep your horse at optimum working ability and provides a stable and balanced position for the foot on the ground and the joints and tendons above it.
I offer all forms of services from trimming, shoeing and corrective work independantly and in conjunction with Vets to manage and repair major problems.
One of the biggest things I think people forget is a saying that has been around for a exceptionally long time is...

I think people forget that your horse might weigh 600 plus kilos and that is what their feet have to support. At any one time, your horse will only have one foot on the ground at a gallop or a play in the paddock.
I believe that if you can educate your client and show them good from bad, we are well on the way to helping our horses and limiting lower leg injuries.
EXPERIENCE, DEDICATION and PROFESSIONALISM are the three keys that make me a good Farrier.